Thursday, August 16, 2012 aka RIPPER


Claims to be from Portugal. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS RIPPER.

He asks for payment upfront and then disappears.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 Ripper Alert is a Ripper who sells bank tf, paypal tf and electronics Don't Deal with this fucking ripper

Ripper List

If you would like us to add any RIPPERS or DEERS here, use the Contact us   and provide as much info as you have, name/ICQ/Y!M/WU Drop/LR Number etc.

Hi Guys,

Since I know everyone on here does not like scammers, and that includes me I'd like to make a list of people you have been scammed by. So before you make a transaction with someone that you have not exchanged with before check this thread. 

Please PM or post below all the details of the user that you have been scammed by. This includes PP, AP, LR etc. accounts. There username on EMF, There email if possible, MSN, Yahoo and AIM screen names. Any other info. relevant to them.


Fuck these rippers: is a big scammer forum
even the admin of this forum hhfun(Nisar) is a Big scammer
has scammed many people
all the verified sellers from that forum are rippers
so stay away from that rippers and scammer forum is a fake shop 
its a Big scamm site
has ripped many peopleNews: Please watch out for Fbycom and Culture! These two scammers are big trouble and keep recurring in the forum! Here are some of there IP Addresses- has become a scam! Watch out for other HYIP's who are run by the same people!
i'm seller
from Viet Nam
When you contact me I need your trust , I only work with reliable buyers...
Contact me Yahoo ID: destroy.pro_seller
Email: (i ma big time scamer & ripper)
I'm Seller : Cvv + Dumps + Track 1\2 + acc Paypal + do WU transfer + Bank login + Ship all country ...
 >>> destroy.pro_seller online 24/24

Yahoo Messenger: big.seller_good
E-mail: a big timr ripper dont deal him 
and  are big rippers dont deal them
they have scamed many people
we got many complaints against them
finally we added them to the biggest ripper list

James) is a ripper 

Vietnem Viet( is a big ripper so dont deal him be aware of him

Doc is a big ripper dont deal him this guy has scammed more people he is a big ripperc is a big ripper and scamer Be aware of him is a big ripper and scammer so dont deal him is big scammer and ripper dont deal him already reported

Here Is Ripper and scamer from USA



FUll name : matt yawn

Address: 8401 GA Highway 215

City: Vienna

Zip code : 31092

contact Number: 2292969690\\\
He is a Big ripper
plz report him to the FBI

Lust Doh: u can check our data base
Lust Doh: is a fake shop
Lust Doh: we dont rip is a scammer and ripper he is from EMP is big ripper has scamed many people so dont deal him is big ripper dont trust him he ripped many people is a also a big ripper dont trust this fucking dude is also big time ripper  abh anh is a big ripper dont deal him
he is a big lair and scamer  is a big ripper and scamer is a ripper is a ripper and scamer 

Fresh Cvv  ( is a big time ripper. Recently he has scammed many people reported by so many people a fucking ripper is a ripper and scamer

Nelson pt: ( is a big ripper dont deal him (dR. MuRpHy H4CK3R) is a big ripper and scammer dont deal him
Rafael Matulu( is a ripper and scammer dont deal him he will ripp u as he riped many people is a scamer and ripper
Ripper Full Nameworld seller
Ripper Phone Number()
Ripper Countryrussia
Ripper Detialsbesically moron he is, hope i can give his lr id and details soon, ripped my 300lr

Does anyone help me with a legit and serious chip seller, i need business , i have own mobile laptop shop, if anyone want to make business plz mail me with his details, no ripper or chitter pleas

thank you

Ripper Full Name
Ripper Phone Number()
Ripper Country
Ripper DetialsKRIMEPAYS.CC is a bunch of scammers. The admin and the "verified" members are in it together. The admin "verifies" these rippers so people buy into all the fake ass posts on that site and the admin and ripper collect. If you try to dispute your account gets canceled.

Zeus - claims to make counterfiet burned my boy for 700

GucciPucci41 - Claims to make wu transfers ripped a couple people I know for 3-5 hundred. The entire site are rippers. Stay away from that site. is ripper dont ever deal him
he is fake exchanger
so be aware of him
Cyber King: ( is a big ripper dont deal him
he is fake carder is a scam site dont use it for recharge
they have scamed me for 139 EUro is a fucking ripper & scammer dont deal him
He ripped me wid 70$
Ripper Full NameGul Muhammad
Ripper Phone Number()
Ripper CountryPakistan
Ripper DetialsHas WEBSIT

Ripper Full NameNham Do Thi
Ripper Phone Number()
Ripper CountryVietnam
Ripper DetialsEXTREME RIPPER! WILL SAY HE IS 100% LEGIT... In his words "100% thats for sure" BUT he will take first transfer and ask for another smaller amount for fees. Then he sends invalid MTCN and stops responding to anything! SPREAD THE WORDDD!

Your Full NameB3hr0z B3hr0z
CountryNot in the List
Ripper Full NameBurhan Ahmed
Ripper Phone Number()
Ripper CountryPakistan
Ripper DetialsHe rips me for 4 $

Ripper Full Namefor_stuffs
Ripper Phone Number(+201) 272013001
Ripper Countryegypt
Ripper Detials
Upload Screen shot Of chatchat.txt

Ripper Full Name
Ripper Phone Number()
Ripper CountryUK
Ripper Detialsdarkspot admin the administrator of forum ( is a big scammer,offer the items at cheaper rate.two days ago i paid him 99$. after payment he first changed my account password and post the fake comment that i received the tracking number of item and when i ask him that why you create the fake comment, he just banned my account. darkspot admin created the fake account on his forum and commenting himself and saying that darkspot admin is a good seller, which is wrong, he is actually a big scammer. dont trust on him and never pay him any amount.

Note: attach is the snapshot of transaction through Liberty reserve, which i paid him. his LR account number mention in snapshot.
Upload Screen shot Of chatdarkspot.jpg

my yahoo - is a ripper dont deal him
thats his link 

Ripper Full NameAbdul Muinr
Ripper Phone Number()
Ripper CountryUk
Ripper DetialsOld now changed to
Admin(bigger prick i ever saw) still verify rippers like icekre33m or zeus.
Stay away from WESTERN Union transfers.
They want 300 or 500 upfront for transfer back to you.
Once u give them mtcn u done and money are gone. Kid who picks up cash is from london and name is Abdul Munir.
No one from krimepays is legit.
They making fake accounts so seems legit.
U can check fake account for: 8balls, babyface, O-kimo-sabo, Lee.
Only "sascha" made complaint and was already banned and all posts vanish.
Few screen shots from board on request
Still on the case. is a fucking scammer from pakistan so dont ever deal him
already been reported twice so stay away from him is a big scammer dont deal him

Hello sir i have Been scammed by ur member 
i sent him for 25 GBP PSC 
When he got to the PSC he went offline After 5 minutes 
I added him in my hotmail 
chat he started wid me when i told him im The Same Guy he lucky.lolz block there we also 
admin plz help me 
here are the screenshots proofs here is the screenshot I sent him on chat and he went offline PSC pm please him to send me MS or banned him he would also We concentrate here in the forum am sorry i have understood only English  

Ripper Full NameCool Herro
Ripper Phone Number            (+92) 3154905959      
Ripper Countrypakistan
Ripper DetialsHe is from Pakistan, his real Name is Usman, he has a hacking forum called , he was named on internet by COOL HERROW , his LR account is Account U6175215 (

.. he scammed and ripped me 200$..
do not deal with him..
Upload Screen shot Of chatUntitled6.png

Your Full Namemahmoud ahmed
CountryNot in the List
Ripper Full Name
Ripper Phone Number()
Ripper Countrypalastine
Ripper Detialshe ripped me with 500$ lr

Ripper Full NameInstant Prince
Ripper Phone Number()
Ripper CountryVietnam
Ripper DetialsInstant Prince is a ripper. Bought Cvv from him 100LR. He didnt send anything.

Here are 2 world beggest scammers and rippers
forum name
Owner T3es is the biggest ripper
he is scaming people along with a verified seller
both are scammers and rippers ripper shop, no one goes there, this guy will rip you and hijack your ip address 

U1617850 (kingpower) Big Ripper Scammer rip me on 100 $ Ripper Scammer sell fake cvv ccv bank log in paypal and so on cesaleo7: Manny Griggs 2929 Lake Colony dr Norcross, GA 30092 USA Secret question: Boy Secret Answer: Girl 

popsolar is a ripper
his yahoo
stay away from him
he is mother fucker lair Ripper Scammer
sell fake cvv ccv bank log in paypal and so on

cesaleo7: Manny Griggs

2929 Lake Colony dr

Norcross, GA 30092 USA

Secret question: Boy

Secret Answer: Girl

this site is a ripper site
ripped me for 70 GBP
Hello guys
this man is a ripper is a mother fucker ripper and scammer dont deal him

here his website   is a fake shop. They have copied our materials from our shop. So aware from them. 
Your Full Name
Your E-mail
Ripper is the recent ripper
Ripper Full Name
Ripper Phone Number()
Ripper Country
Ripper DetialsLR: U1814382. he is fucking ripper my 100 euro

Ripper E-mail
Ripper Full NameChang Yungri
Ripper Phone Number()
Ripper CountryNot sure
His other name is: Chang Yung

He ripped me off 40$ for Fullz i paid for which he never supplied. This is the second time he is ripping me off. He is a big time Ripper. please be far from him because he has nothing to offer. He only scams.

Ripper is a big ripper 

Ripper Full Namezoun
Ripper Phone Number()
Ripper Countryvietnam
Ripper Detialshe always tell u that he is a good hacker that do bank to bank transfer,,,i paid him 160$ LR and he ripped me till today and i add him to another yahoo i.d and he talk to me when i told him am the same person he ripped he signout and never show online again...beware of him...he is a thief is a scammer and ripper

Ripper Full Nameandrew miller
Ripper Phone Number(954) 9548132212
Ripper Countrycity -clearwater state florida usa
Ripper Detialsthis man has ripped 6 people and still does it saying something about turbo tax refund and takes money and stops talking after

United Carding 01:24
first - andrew
last - miller
city -clearwater state florida usa is a fake shop and the owner of the shop is a big scamer and ripper. so dont buy cc from that shop 

another Big time scamer and ripper( ){ }{  they all are big rippers and scamers dont deal them.theur new website is WWW.CODELEAKAGE.COM is also a scam website.plz tell all ur frnds not to deal these fucking scamersName:
Ravi Teja
James Patrick
vipul sharma
Kovacs Kandace 
Zoubiri Hicham
james corner
Fibro Group Ltd
suzette villordon 
charles barry villordon
Varun K
Terry Billow 
anjali GUPTA
John Engelen
Christopher Wilson 
Geyta Putri
Rolf R. R. Holth
Zynga this site is a scam site i paid them 27$ for beyluxe 6 months colour nick they scamed me and gave me nothing so dont deal them they are algerian scamers
beraans4jhonse this site a 100% scame site the admin is a 100% Ripper I sent 20 GBP to the admin n he sent me nothing so dont Make any excnage n this site
N plz post every where against this fucking site
i will post n every site now is the biggest scam site New ripper and scamer is a Big ripper be aware of him
E-mail: is a big scamer is bis scammer and ripper

xOrders Com
0eAn (
jhr_pratama Ripper Scammer
sell fake cvv ccv bank log in paypal and so on

cesaleo7: Manny Griggs
2929 Lake Colony dr
Norcross, GA 30092 USA

Secret question: Boy
Secret Answer: GirlEmail:
AYAORANG@GMAIL.COM is a fake website

all their stuffs are fake


madelyn lucena (Varun K)
Reinardus Alvin
Jhorge S
Kalpana P

Liberty Reserve:
U7285329 (winwin)
U1008373 (Secure-Exchange Network) 
U0329444 (Subbu) 
U4436924 (tigras) 
U9497331 (bandit)
U0106714 (Rosh Weinstien)
U2275234 (Lakshay)
U6634575 (Online acc)
U3969630 (PK)
U1882765 (Shoaib)
U6111495 (iBaws)



Exchange Money Place ID:

Exchange Money Forum ID:
Mido PS
Morice Karpa
Iam Allin

***These two threads are run by Terry Billow, He has been added to The Scammer List awhile ago and is asking for money for the earthquake cause please consider this before dealing with her.***
www.IdealInv.Com is the biggest scamer and ripper of all times is a scamer and ripper site has scam my friend so be careful dont deal wid them

Hello all customer...!
I'm hacker from Viet Nam
I worked with 10 years experience in ripping people
I'm 30 years old
I work here with the desire to find good customer,and we can do business together for long time
My ripping  time is 24/24
If you need please contact me for Y!M : sellcvv.tm89

cvv demon big ripper  both these id is of the same person dont deal him he is a big scamer already have scmaed many people
Tools Seller is a big ripper and scamer a modern time ripper so be aware of him is a ripper forum dont trust admin also of this forum a ripper

Kovacs Kandace - Zoubiri Hicham

james corner U9497331 (bandit)

Terry Billow U8654855 BIG SCAMMER BIG SCAMMER!


i will add more soon....

 Don't deal with this guys with this yahoo IDs  they are rippers you pay dey didn't deliver :finglio    buyleadssindia   phpmailer.presto4life:

Don't forget to add xorders. He had scammed me of 400$.
The biggest and dirtiest scammer I have ever faced in my life.
His paypal name is: madelyn lucena

Another scamming group is Fibro Group Ltd. Link:

Another is : getrade
His LR account: U7506679 (online service)

Another is Morice Karpa
His YM id is: moricekarpa


goforhunt: he scam me for 50AP (but I got money back)
His YM: sell_vcc
AP: (I dont know if it his AP  )

Avalable: this is big scammer, he make rufund "month" after w exchange.. and I lost more than 120..
His AP: (verified) his name: Kottursamy Velusamy
LR: U7285329 (winwin)
WMZ: Z351520541922 

tveinvestor: he scam me for 50AP (but I got it back)
His: his YM:
AP: (verified) name: suzette villordon 
ICQ: 588090188 nick: topearner name: charles barry villordon is a ripper site
this is all for now 

cq:616210594 is big ripper,stay away from him


I made $300 order from him and paid by LR and he promised to deliver my dumps once check the payment.

Unfortunely he just never response my ICQ and email once he collect my money. This guy is verified seller on .

His LR account is: U0792138 (admin).

Pls stay away from this stink big ripper.

i'll update whether da website is a big ripper once i confirm.

Pro Seller69 ( is a ripper. bought 110$with two dumps. one call and other one cant be recognized at all. he called this valid.

He poor sucker want to rip money for his french mummy for hospital? fine. just take care of his mother's fat french ass. french frog

Ripper Full Name
Ripper Phone Number()
Ripper Country
Ripper DetialsValid Fullz: vbv price 20
Valid Fullz: my cc cheap 15
rehan_gree: i give you 15 lr give me a one live. to see you r real, and i m serious too.i pay 5 lr ro know etch other
Valid Fullz: what u say
rehan_gree: i give you 15 lr give me a live. to see you r real, and i m serious too.i pay 5 lr ro know etch other
Valid Fullz: hmm ok
rehan_gree: demo live send me
Valid Fullz: i agree
rehan_gree: uk vbv
Valid Fullz: uk vbv u pay $15 first
rehan_gree: i chack www.meg****.com
rehan_gree: just see your vbv work
rehan_gree: if ok i buy more
rehan_gree: its also show u r real
rehan_gree: not ripper
Valid Fullz: i know u need to recharge ur *****
Valid Fullz: i will give good one
rehan_gree: cool
rehan_gree: give me I pay
Valid Fullz: ok
Valid Fullz: U2691179
rehan_gree: can i send you 12 euro lr
Valid Fullz: dont u have LR $ ?
rehan_gree: no i m in *****
rehan_gree: our coureancy in euro
Valid Fullz: ok no worry
Valid Fullz: send it
rehan_gree: (carders place) is this your name?
rehan_gree: on lr account
Valid Fullz: yes
rehan_gree: Batch 63467169
rehan_gree: chack
Valid Fullz: ok

Then just logoff.................... is also a big scamer and ripper 

tonyja is scammer.
he scammed my lr 20$.
he has many other emails. 
I hate this idiot.
I was scammed by 2people in this forum. what stupid is this forum.